Starting on a Clean Slate

Those who might have been following this blog may notice that all my previous posts have been deprecated. This is because I have resolved to start all over again, to commence another chapter, to initiate another opportunity for newer content that I now aim to be more straightforward and open. Also, not much of the frills shall be existent inasmuch as I have resolved nay to dwell on trivialities. I have professed that this will be the occasion where blogging (for me) shall be more of a personal journey rather than a sort of repository for trifles.

Hence have I decided to archive all my previous posts. Decluttering, I thought, should be foremost as I focus into being more honest with myself. In this way I could be more at peace, without much of my earlier posts looming in the background.

So for now, I shall leave you, my dear readers, with an assurance of more pertinent updates perhaps. There may be occasional extensive essays about what I am up to but mostly I shall keep my posts to one or two paragraphs at the least so as everything would be readable (admittedly even I myself find it utterly painstaking whenever I come across write-ups oh so lengthy). However, I cannot guarantee a frequency of entries: I am much of a busy person who has to take care of more than three dozen souls every day (I teach). Rest assured, though, I will slink in a bit of my time sharing my thoughts and ideas here such that I may refrain from gorging too much on social media information, especially on Facebook.

Till then. More articles soon.

Choleric-melancholic, blogger, teacher, mental health advocate, book lover.


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