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Humidifier To Boot

And so I got this humidifier from a colleague who had to dispatch it as it was imperative to do so for personal reasons. She came to the faculty room once then urged me to take it since she felt I might need it better than she does (as she knows my how insomnia plagues me every now and then). Of course, I was thankful, so I gladly received her present without her knowing that I still had lots of questions to ask on how I could use it, since I have never possessed a humidifier before. In like manner, I began experiencing a budding curiosity on the very idea of operating a humidifier, until I became ecstatic that I shall be, finally, one of those who fancy scents and therapeutic oils. So I took it home and stored it one corner, with a pretence of merely tucking it in and forgetting that I now own a unit. Yet, I still had wanted to resolve my expectations for that day when I would behold mists with accompanying varieties of odours.

Now to make a long story short, I purchased an aromatherapy fragrance oil–lavender to be exact–worth Php 150 and tried it on. I filled the small tank with water, placed a cotton ball with some drops of oil in it and turned on the contraption. To my dismay, there was nothing except some mists that never gave off smells highly anticipated on my end. And then, que horror! I found out through the notice section of the humidifier’s box casing that I should NOT use fragrance oil but water soluble oil as the former might break the humidifier. I was aghast. Php 150 for nothing, and with the last remaining choice to purchase another (supposedly more compatible with humidifiers) worth Php500…and to which I let out a humongous gulp. I had to take it.

Now, as I got home one day armed with that other lavender oil (water soluble so as not to belabor the humidifier), I made the usual preparations. After plugging in the unit, there it was: the sweet-smelling ambiance I was looking for, all in the hope of relaxation and sleep after a day’s hectic work. Suffice to say I was thrilled; notwithstanding chances of staring at therapeutic color-changing mists prepped up by such pretty transitions of hues by built-in mini LED humidifier bulbs.

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    • Shirley

      Yeah, it does not look too robust like those humidifiers that may be likened to large fruit juicers, haha. According to my colleague, it was ordered online. And it’s that easy to operate, without the hassle commanded by many humidifiers in the market.

      • Karla Cristobal

        It really is very pretty and odd–in a good way.

        It was ordered online? That’s impressive! And it also has LED lights!

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