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A New Domain!

I will make this short but sweet: I have a new domain.

It was never my intention to leave; but due to some issues with the hosting provider, especially that of transferring the domain to my friend’s hosting, I have decided to register another one with a name that  auspicious enough as pertaining to my very identity. Nonetheless, I think I might be more at home with this domain especially upon learning from a blogging seminar that one has to pick “evergreen” domain names (evergreen, i.e., constancy in terms of online identity). So picking out “Shirley Blogs Now” can definitely be an epitome of constancy, with the intention of using such a name brought about merely through chance: it so happens that a Twitter account of mine did I baptise “@shirleyblogsnow”. Thus I thought that it might be wonderful if I used the same name after all. Hence this site.

Anyway, do stay tuned for other articles on the lineup. Then again, mostly I shall tackle about mental health, literary writing, blogging, and a trickling of metaphysics and with that do I hope not to bore you, dear readers.

So thanks for dropping by! Leave a comment for a post if you so wish, but please no demeaning ones please.

Choleric-melancholic, blogger, teacher, mental health advocate, book lover.


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