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Cheers! The Philippines Has A New Mental Health Law!

This is a big day for the mental health community in the Philippines as President Duterte has signed into law RA 11036 or the “Philippine Mental Health Law.” As it is now high time to acknowledge that mental health issues need to be given equal attention by all, it is hoped for that this law brings to light more programs and advocacies that would embolden our countrymen to seek help that they need during the direst of times.

Hopefully, more support would be available to those who need professional care as this law grants people with mental health concerns more freedom and access to it. This is a big triumph indeed for those fellow sufferers like me who have waited for so long a time that dead ends and dark tunnels be permeated by even just a single ray of hope.

So to those who authored the Bill, thank you. Thank you very much.

(N.B: The full text of the law shall be linked here as soon as it is available.)

(feature image courtesy of Sen. Risa Hontiveros’ Facebook page)

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