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POETRY: Memento Mori

This is a poem I wrote in commemoration of All Souls’ Day, where people troop to cemeteries to remember and recall their loved ones who have died. I don’t know much how to make up for this poem, or interpret it as it ought to be, but what I do know is that I wrote this in lieu of attending Mass for this day—brought about by family and other concerns which are a bit too heavy to relay them here.

So here it is, the poem. Enjoy, and have a blessed Memorial of All Souls.

(N.B: This, along with other poetry I have been writing since the latter part of October will form part of a chapbook, with a running title of “The Bipolar Poems” to be self-published in December, hopefully. It will comprise of 30 poems along with certain illustrations)


Listless, the body lies—
Breath has dissipated
Into the unknown
And now the soul has gone,
Fully out into the nowheres and outdoors
Where it had never belonged before.
With all its menagerie of compulsions while
It still lives; now
is the silent remembrance of something
Out of nothing
For in this nothing
Remains something that wellsprings of people’s minds
Come to ignite reminiscences
Certainly so, despite banality and goodness:—
The evil and the righteous
The begrudged and the free;


Listless, the body lies.


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