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Some Site Overhauls

2019 is here, and I resolved to make some changes to the blog. I have started with the new incorporated Ashe theme that I find very beautiful to behold: the site looks fresher with its expanded header image which I find spacious enough and refreshing to look at. On the other hand, I saw that the site does not have much relevant information about it, except for some snippets of overviews about this blog. I did not even give a brief account about the person behind the whole thing (me of course) and I thought doing so might just be one of the means to boost site audience. Who wants to read boring general information about a website, anyway?

In short, I want to personalize this site as much as possible.

Thus being said, expect that I would have more details concerning this site in the “About” page, some more information about myself (I should accept the fact that, by now, I am a budding online figure and there are some things that I need to be more open about), a clearer vision-mission statement, a mental health infographic, and others that I might find worthwhile to add. Of course I would be careful in appending various pieces of information here as the site might look messy in the long run, what with some not needed after all. In short, I have to streamline content based on context and what viewers potentially want. I need to be more particular about what the site should be about thereby avoiding a hodge-podge of material posted here and there.

The coming days will see “Shirley Blogs Now” with the necessary changes. Don’t worry–the site shall not be on hiatus and it shall still be up and running despite all the modifications. Now the only problem for me right now is on how to come up with more pertinent content and what my site is REALLY about. Much planning shall I need for me to make this work.

Choleric-melancholic, blogger, teacher, mental health advocate, book lover.

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