Yogurtism and Writing Poetry

I ate yogurt today and I felt good about it. It’s vanilla-flavoured (which diminishes the tangy taste of Greek yogurt); and the first time I tasted it when I bought a cup at one Family Mart store, I got hooked. Of course I did not actually search far and wide for the yogurt in some respects, but I was wondering as to where I could get one ASAP.  Now to my surprise, I found one at a grocery near our place and yes, I was stunned—even elated—that I eventually purchased what I had been looking for the past two weeks already. Yes, two weeks of wondering where I could find vanilla-flavoured yogurt!

Well, obsessive thoughts at play?

I remember one friend who posted on Facebook that when he gets to be obsessed with one thing, it stays with him for days until he gets fully satiated by it. Perhaps I could say I have similar attitudes with him at this point, especially about anything that spells health. Right now, I am obsessed with dragon fruit; but due to how pricey it can be—in a sinister way, that is—I could not buy such a fruit without sacrificing about 200 pesos for it. I dunno… why is that when one desires to keep oneself buff and healthy means spending a lot for it?

Anyway, at least I have the yogurt and it’s fine.

Off to my writing. I haven’t written any poetry in eons, except one piece that I did in my main site, which to my dismay, does not even reflect the lustre of my previous poems. For some reason I now have difficulty stringing together figurative language and translating those into verse form—whether free verse or what-not. I find the desperation a bit triggering to my loneliness because it seems I could not write any more. I have always been proud of what I do; and when one of my interests have been withheld from me by the very brain that churns out all those words that reflect my pride, then it is as if I am horribly vanquished. I could not write anymore…

And it’s depressing.

However, I need to move past this doldrum and start writing again, trying even harder so as I could regain what I might call as my writer’s splendour. And who knows, I might even release another folio… after 7 years!!

Alright, that’s it folks for today’s rant. Tomorrow will be another day to do so; but yes, I try to rant healthily. It’s always a matter of perspective.

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