Ostracised, and Feeling Like It

Particularly sad today that I was not able, again, to talk.

Yes, talk.

I come to work without talking with anyone except students… and they seem disinteresting. What I want is to talk with someone but it seems everyone is to engrossed with what they do, apparently forgetting that there’s someone out there longing for just a talk.

It can be a lonely life indeed, especially for someone whose life has been peppered with lots of travails to speak of.

I can’t bear the silence anymore. It is as if I have to bear—endure—the mishap of being someone whose presence is not at all overbearing, whose demeanour appears to be weak and demure. I actually long for acceptance, but all I get is a cold shoulder. I engage in conversations every now and then, but for some reason, taking part in such would leave me empty and dry. And my mind begins talking to itself as though with an imaginary friend.

It hurts that I am getting fed up by all these.

Sometimes, I just wish I would die.

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