Me and My Blog

I am Shirley and I identify myself mostly as a blogger, even as a teacher and tech enthusiast (this includes anything related to web design as well). My foremost profession is teaching: I am currently affiliated with the Department of Education as a senior high school English teacher. My interests include the abovementioned, alongside literature, theology, music, and philosophy. It’s a given, therefore, that I love to read. And write.

It is my fervent hope that this blog inspires you to journey with me through the idylls of life or sometimes, the abysmal. Life on earth is not perfect, and hardships abound; this blog, I make sure, tackles it all. Some entries may be a bit triggering in particular circumstances (especially if I deign write when depressed, “to let it all out”) so I send my apologies in advance. It might intrigue readers as to why I have to write about the inane and insane: it’s just that, I have always believed in life’s mishaps and how one could redeem themselves from such. Thus, this blog is all about redemption and resurgence; hope if you will.

I welcome non-demeaning comments or suggestions through the contact form. I urge readers to please limit yourselves to honest-to-goodness enquiries, comments, suggestions, and insights else I may, with a heavy heart, turn off commenting for particular persons (inasmuch as this blog aims to inspire and not foster grudges or tirades).

That being said, thank you for visiting and I hope you may drop by constantly for newer postings. 🙂